Our Patron

Saint Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850) was a great scholar and educationalist who through his profound spiritual life, teaching and service to the humanity, had a considerable influence on the history of the world of 19th century. He lived in a time of a socio-political turmoil. The turbulences of Napoleonic period, French Revolution, publication of the “Communist Manifesto”, the liberal tendencies, and the development of mass printing brought about a socio-political revolution during his time. He was sensitive to the problems affecting faith and moral lives of the people. In the face of such problems, Saint Vincent Pallotti directed his attention towards reviving faith in God and re-enkindling charity among all people in order to bring peace and harmony in the world.

The striking trait of his personality was that he was able to walk ahead of his time. He had a clear foresight of what is ahead in history. Hence, he considered the importance of shaping the lives of the children and young people and got engaged into various educational activities including Night Schools, Elementary Schools, Professional Schools, Agricultural Schools, Art Schools, Industrial Schools, etc. he worked with zeal to restore in every human person the “image and likeness of God.” In 1835, he founded the ‘Union of the Catholic Apostolate’, a pious society, which attempted to bring together priests, religious and lay people to collaborate in the revival of faith and charity. The significant purpose of this Union was educating and shaping the people as faithful children of God.

The Apostolic Society he founded, whose members are commonly called 'Pallottines' work in forty-seven countries around the world bearing the same mission and vision of Pallotti to create a world that is rooted in love for God and fellow human beings. Saint Vincent Pallotti died on January 22, 1850. He was beatified after a century in 1950, and was canonized a saint on January 20, 1963, by Pope John XXIII. According to Pope John, he was "a tireless apostle, director of souls, inspirer of holy enthusiasm and magnificent in his many undertakings." He is a saint, apostle, motivator and above all a patron for all people who are zealous in destroying ignorance and darkness and bringing life and light to this world.