St Vincent Pallotti School aims at providing quality education and to bring academic excellence in all the children. With our well-trained teachers and motivators, we approach the children with choices that touch on their talents, interests and learning aptitudes. We create a student friendly environment and adapt modern innovative teaching-learning methodologies that appeal to interests of the children. While the education is holistic, we prepare them adequately to face the examinations and evaluation practices at ease. We would also employ methods that would stimulate and develop the imagination and critical thinking in them, so that, with refined cognitive and creative skills they are able to exercise sufficient foresight into their path of life. Considering the primordial importance of updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers in the context of the demanding technological advancement, in service training programs and workshops are organized regularly.


The children are introduced in the school as kindergarteners. Children at this stage learn easily from experiences that are pleasant to them. Our qualified teachers are well-equipped to make your child comfortable and to engage them in this early learning process. The curriculum is flexible and the children are cared individually and through activities and playing their minds are stimulated into creativity, problem solving, reasoning and social awareness. We employ Montessori way of teaching that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Considering the importance of childhood learning in their social, emotional and academic development they are cared tenderly and the whole learning process is made as a pleasant experience.


Formation in the Primary school level is vital in determining the social behavior and the intellectual development of the children. An academically effective primary school is a particular boost to every child. Besides it is also a vital stage in the habit formation. The teachers at our school are well equipped to create a learning atmosphere that will help the students to learn the integrative habits of mind, which when they enter the upper grades of the school, they naturally apply to more rigorously attended disciplines. Emphasis is laid on mathematics and science, languages, humanities, arts and technology besides wellness and fitness.


As Robert Balfanz says, “The middle school years are the most fertile years of one’s life” as the child begins to ask questions and begins to find answers for oneself. The curricula are more rooted in distinct academic disciplines. The teachers will focus on their respective disciplines and the student will study language arts, fine arts, mathematics, science and technology, history, and wellness and fitness. Activity based learning is found effective. Hence, discipline-based course content is combined with a variety of integrated student projects. The curriculum is learning-centered, focusing on essential questions and related themes and concepts with interactive support. Stress is also laid on personality development, value education and coping up with changing influences.


The high-school years are important in that the students prepare themselves for one of the centrally administered examinations. The focus at this phase is to assist them in organizing themselves so that they are able to present themselves in the best possible way. The students are assisted in organizing their study space, use of equipment, chats and diagrams and other memory tips. The teachers prepare the students in advance with repeated tests and practices with pattern questions and lead to plan for the exam day. 

The students well equipped in learning skill in all subjects. Our well experienced teachers on their part would have the lessons designed and planned ahead of their classes along with the teaching aid. Special training is provided for the slow learners so that they are able to meet the demands adequately.


The Higher Secondary is the critical years before entering college or the workforce. It’s also a time when kids are becoming young adults, learning about friendships and relationships, and coming into their own personalities and discovering who they are. It is the time they enter into advanced learning stage and they are prepare themselves to go out into the real world. Our team of teachers and counsellors assist them in choosing their direction in life. Besides, academics the students are trained to boost their self-esteem and leadership skills and are provided with valuable lesson for real life. The lessons are meticulously planned and every effort is made from the part of the teachers to bring out academic excellence in each of the students. Each one of them is cared individually for the best academic performance.